MOISTURIZE³: Soften one cube between palms. Apply to face and neck. Follow with ACTIVATE and massage until dissolved.

ACTIVATE: After applying MOISTURIZE³, distribute ¼ tsp onto palms, massage face and neck until dissolved.

REMOVE: Shake vigorously and apply ¼ tsp onto water dampened SPONGE to remove dirt and make-up. Rinsing optional.

CLEANSE: With fingertips, massage ½ tsp gently onto dry face and neck. Dampen SPONGE with water and massage. Rinse with water. Follow with TONE.

TONE: After CLEANSE, distribute ¼ tsp onto palms, pat face and neck. Allow to air dry.

REPAIR: With fingertips, massage ⅛ tsp into clean face and neck as part of your PM routine.