We consider the impact of every decision we make and work with conscientiousness to provide a simple skin health line to be W/O plastic, W/O harm, W/O chemicals, W/O cruelty, W/O boundaries.


Our entire skin health line is EWG Verified and have achieved the lowest and safest scores obtainable. By only utilizing whole, unrefined, organic food grade ingredients, W/O unnecessary additives like water, alcohol, fragrance, preservatives and synthetics. We want the truth of the healthfulness of the ingredients to come through with each and every application.  The responsibility of creating products that work W/O harm and W/O chemicals is our commitment to bring you the healthiest skin.


Our bottles and tins are made from 100% recycled aluminum (periodic table Al) and printed with enamel (glass). The lightweight, recyclability, and durability make aluminum the most sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. Our lid liners are made of silicone - which is made from Silica (periodic table element Si) and are 100% recyclable and reusable.

We pack your skin care for shipment W/O a box.  We pack it in a 100% wool felt bag that is reusable, and biodegradable. Being W/O boundaries means all of our products and wool bags are TSA compliant and a ready to go travel set. 

Items are shipped to you in 100% recycled padded paper envelopes printed with Algae Ink. Sealed with a rubber adhesive, the envelopes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.


Our everyday life choices have ramifications that last long past the moment of our use. It’s important to make the smallest impact on the environment as possible - such as biodegradeable ingredients, 100% recyclable and durable packaging, and of course, no plastic. 

8 million tons of plastic enter our waterways each year creating a “smog” of microplastics smothering our oceans. As a company, we shoulder the responsibility to provide skin care health W/O plastic.


We were looking for effective simplicity for our skin care routines. We wanted a plastic free, whole ingredient, active and healthy skin care regime that we could count on to work as hard as we do.  

​Who knew that would be such a radical request?

We knew we had to figure out, source, and invent a truly plastic free option for skin care, packaging, and values. We needed the ingredients to do their job. We had to completely re-think and re-invent everything we thought we knew.

We chose to use our hands - no sprays, no droppers, no applicators - no plastic. We wanted 24 hour, simple and effective routines. We wanted whole, organic, W/O processed ingredients for the health of skin. We were W/O compromise in our approach and vision for this line. 

 What we have come to realize, in our development of W/O, this line is about healthy skin for all – for everyone by going W/O plastic, W/O harm, W/O chemicals, W/O cruelty, W/O boundaries.

 Co-Founders and Sisters,

Jen & Kelly