Reflecting on why we started this line, about going W/O.

We were looking for effective simplicity in our crazy lives – a plastic free, whole ingredient, active and healthy skin care line.  And wondering, why is that too much to ask?

Who knew that would be pushing the envelope?

​We knew we had to figure out, source, and invent a truly plastic free option for skin care, packaging, and values.  We needed the ingredients to do their job.  We had to completely re-think and re-invent everything we thought we knew - we had to go W/O.  

We needed a detox in order to move this project forward. A detox of complexity in every sense of the word. We had to use our hands, no sprays, no droppers, no applicators - no plastic.  We needed routines W/O complication for our busy lives. We wanted whole, organic, W/O processed ingredients for the health of skin, and we were W/O compromise in our approach and vision for this line. 

We found our effective simplicity by going W/O.

Co-Founders and Sisters,

Jen + Kelly Lisle